Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wild Purple Clematis in watercolour

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is entangled. I know this particular version of wild clematis doesn't look terribly tangled, but that's because this is more what it looks like when it's trailing along the ground rather than climbing. When it's trained on a trellis it gets extremely entangled on itself. And anything else that's in its path.

So why doodle it this way? Well, apparently the plant was hated by early horseback travellers around here. It would creep along the ground, mostly unnoticeable when it wasn't in flower, and was strong enough to trip any horse that wandered into it.

That counts as entangled, yes? I hope so.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Winter Music in pen and ink

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is music. I had thoughts about going abstract for this one, but in the end my brain's too tired from this past week to start thinking that way. So... a chickadee instead.

And why? Well, because they're about the only things out there still making music at this time of year. Around here, anyway. Besides, they're a favourite of mine.

Black-capped Chickadee songs (or vocalisations, if you want to go all naturalist. Which I don't at the moment) are actually pretty complex and are worth looking up. You know, rather than me looking them up for you. I'm having a bit of a lazy mind day, I guess.

My own personal music today has been 60s pop. No idea why, and nothing to do with chickadees. But there you go.

Friday, 20 November 2009

What I did at the conference

I've been away at a conference for most of this week. You know, in case you wondered.

I should make it clear that the conference was for environmental educators, not Play-doh. You have to do something to keep your hands occupied while your brain is (allegedly) engaged, though, so Play-doh it was. That and pipe cleaners.

This is the only effort I took a picture of, but the total output (as best I can remember it) was one bird, one ear, a bowl, a fish, several small vases, and a lot of general smooshing (all with the Play-doh), and a flower and a snail (with the pipe cleaners).

I should have taken a photo of the snail, really. It was kind of neat.

Anyway, I'm back now and will hopefully have something to post for this week's Illustration Friday sometime in the next day or two.

If I don't decide to just spend the weekend sleeping, that is.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Blur in watercolour and pigment pen

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is blur. Well, hey. Blur is right up my alley, seeing as how I'm nearsighted and astigmatic. All I have to do is take off my glasses and anything that's more than half a metre from my face is nothing but blur. Spread-out blur, at that.

Yeah, welcome to my world.

The camas should probably be more blue-purple than I have it here, by the way. I just felt like purple-purple, that's all.

As usual, click on the thumbnail for a bigger version.
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