Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Do not adjust your set...

If anyone out there has noticed something a bit odd with any links you might have to the blog, it's just that I decided to take advantage of having my sketchbooks here at work to replace a few of the iffy photographs with actual scans. Sorry if I've messed with your brains, folks.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sunflower bud in pen and ink

Hey! A scan rather than a bad photo!

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is pattern. I could have so many ideas for that word. Pattern's a bit of a thing with me, as anyone who's tried to figure out my pointless photography can attest to (er... check the other blog link on the sidebar if you're curious. It truly is pointless photography, though. No false advertising there). Anyway, this is just the first doodle that came to mind. There may be more later in the week, depending on how my week goes.

And why a sunflower doodle (well, almost scribble now that I look at it. Guess we're being a little free with the hatching today) for the word pattern? Well, I love patterns in nature, and sunflowers kind of fascinate me. The radial pattern of the seeds in a mature head, for example, or as in this case the overlapping pattern of the sepals in a developing flower bud.

No big message here -- I just think it's neat.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Ok, in my defence?

I've been a bit under the weather.

Also, things look a bit wonky due to lack of scanner and very warped paper. I wasn't even the one who warped the paper, but that's another story...

Anyway. This week's Illustration Friday prompt is infinite. And this? Well, the way I see it, if he really put his mind to it a lonely amoeba could make an infinite amount of friends.

Or seemingly infinite, anyway.

Um, yeah. That's all I have to say, I guess.

Except click on the thumbnail if you want to make it bigger.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Pasqueflower in watercolour

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is welcome. Since I don't usually do much with people but tend to associate welcome with them, it stumped me slightly.

Until I thought of how welcome flowers are after an Alberta winter, that is.

The reference for this doodle was a photo of a Pasqueflower (Prairie Crocus) that was just barely open at the time. Pasqueflowers aren't the same as the European Crocuses that many people grow; the only things they really have in common are being purple (I know, I know, not all crocuses are purple...) and being early to blossom. The one big difference between them is that Pasqueflowers are very, very fuzzy.

Anyway, with their purple flowers and bright yellow centres, they're definitely a welcome sight after a long, drawn-out winter.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Something or other in graphite

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is strong. And this... is a really, really quick doodle. And a not terribly great photograph since I don't have a scanner here.


Everyone knows that egg shells are brittle. The arched structure of the egg itself is incredibly strong, though. Strong enough that if you properly line up the eggs you can easily support a book. Or an elephant.

Ok, honestly? I'm not so sure about the elephant part.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Under the lens

This past week's Illustration Friday prompt was magnify, which is a really good one and I had lots of ideas. Unfortunately, it's been too hot in my apartment to feel like doing anything except melt, which I've come very close to. I had to do something before the week was out, though, so here's a quick contribution from the little modelling clay men.

Remember, boys and girls: it's not nice to put your friends under the magnifying glass.
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