Saturday, 12 September 2009

Pasqueflower in watercolour

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is welcome. Since I don't usually do much with people but tend to associate welcome with them, it stumped me slightly.

Until I thought of how welcome flowers are after an Alberta winter, that is.

The reference for this doodle was a photo of a Pasqueflower (Prairie Crocus) that was just barely open at the time. Pasqueflowers aren't the same as the European Crocuses that many people grow; the only things they really have in common are being purple (I know, I know, not all crocuses are purple...) and being early to blossom. The one big difference between them is that Pasqueflowers are very, very fuzzy.

Anyway, with their purple flowers and bright yellow centres, they're definitely a welcome sight after a long, drawn-out winter.

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Susan Faye said...

I also greatly appreciate and welcome the first flowers of spring, living in the Pacific Northwest! I've never seen a Pasqueflower--this one is very pretty and I want to see one now in all its fuzziness...

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