About the blog

This blog was never originally meant to be an art blog. To be honest, it was never really meant to be a blog blog either. I just wanted a place to practice some html, and starting a blog seemed like less hassle than maintaining a website.

Well, it's one thing to start a blog and play with its template, but it's another thing to have a blog completely lacking in content. I started using this place to store some story resources and other things that I needed easy access to for work. Then I put up the occasional poem. Then I put up the occasional observation. Before I knew it, I was a blogger. The world's most reluctant blogger, yes, but a blogger nonetheless.

After a while I decided to change this place around a bit and use it to post my poems and doodles. My daily blather moved to the other blog you'll see listed on the sidebar, and I deleted pretty much everything that had been here. Years worth of everything. I guess I'm not the sentimental type, because I was ok with that. Just shows how disposable my little corner of the internet is, I suppose.

Now this blog is home to doodles and experiments, a few modelling clay sculptures, and poems when I'm in the writing mood. It's all pretty casual, and I like it that way. Feel free to browse around, and please do leave comments if anything strikes you as commentable.
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