About the poems

I'll admit it. I like to write bad poetry.

Occasionally, if I'm lucky, it turns out to be half-decent poetry. I fully admit that it's not always the case, though.

My poetry moments go through real cycles. Sometimes I'll be writing all the time, and other times I'll go for months or years without having the poetry urge.

Right now I'm in a no-poetry phase. That's ok. It's not like I have to write bad poetry or I implode, and I really don't like to force that kind of thing anyway. If, however, you'd like to check out some of the previous on-cycle's productions, just look for the poems label you'll find on the sidebar. And if you'd like to browse some poetry that qualifies as NOT bad, I'd recommend the Representative Poetry On-line website. It's a really fantastic database.

And when can you expect marvellous new works from me?

I truly haven't the foggiest. When I start writing again you'll be the first to know.
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