Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sunflower bud in pen and ink

Hey! A scan rather than a bad photo!

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is pattern. I could have so many ideas for that word. Pattern's a bit of a thing with me, as anyone who's tried to figure out my pointless photography can attest to (er... check the other blog link on the sidebar if you're curious. It truly is pointless photography, though. No false advertising there). Anyway, this is just the first doodle that came to mind. There may be more later in the week, depending on how my week goes.

And why a sunflower doodle (well, almost scribble now that I look at it. Guess we're being a little free with the hatching today) for the word pattern? Well, I love patterns in nature, and sunflowers kind of fascinate me. The radial pattern of the seeds in a mature head, for example, or as in this case the overlapping pattern of the sepals in a developing flower bud.

No big message here -- I just think it's neat.


L. A. Stern said...

just lovely :)

nancy said...

Neat is just fine! ;) And btw, your amoeba-drawing is really cool, too. :)

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