Thursday, 3 January 2008

Tulip in watercolour pencil

I debated on whether to post any of these old tulip doodles because they're hanging on my wall and I was too lazy to take them down (erm... see the previous post, where I said pretty much the same thing). Ah well. I suppose you can put up with distortion and reflected flash.

This particular doodle is also faded as well as distorted. It was done a few years ago and it's been in full sun since.

Like I think I've said before, when I get in the mood to draw flowers I'll often buy a bouquet or a plant and sketch it in various states of decay (well, not so much if I buy a plant. They usually last a while). By this time tin the tulip bouquet's existence it was showing its age and the flowers were past perfection.

I don't mind that. Dying flowers still make interesting subjects, as far as I'm concerned.

I should have done this sketch on darker paper, though. It would have been nice to suggest the white edges by actually using white rather than faking them with grey wash. I'll remember that another time.

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