Sunday, 8 June 2008

Tulip bud in pen and ink

Ok, honestly? The only reason this half-assed five-minute ball-point pen doodle (enough hyphenated words in a row for everyone?) is being posted is to prove that I did draw something for Drawing Day, even if it's being posted a day late and is COMPLETELY LAME.

It was a cruddy, rainy day here yesterday. That's my excuse. I couldn't get outside and draw, I wasn't in the mood to play still-life indoors, and I ended up just playing with a couple of old photos instead. This one was a tulip bud taken from an odd angle because I liked the shape of the leaves... oh, hang on. I'll find the original. And ignore the accompanying blather. I was obviously in a weird brain space that day.

Erm, anyway. The doodle was pretty bad and was done with a ball-point (I hate drawing with ball-points), but at least it was something. Maybe there's hope for some actual drawing this year yet.


Now, about the poetry...


Sparroweye said...

Poetry, where's the poetry. I don't see poetry.

deeol said...

Yeah. I got bored with my poetry a while ago.

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