Friday, 9 January 2009

Shells in Play-doh

Yes, I did warn you that the play-doh would make a return appearance. Play-doh is about my speed, you know.

Today's offering comes courtesy of yesterday, when the high windchill meant that I was unexpectedly housebound again.

For more whining about the whole housebound thing, go visit the other blog. I don't need to be whining in two places at once, you know.

So why shells? Well, the real things were on hand.

So why do I have shells on hand? In case I feel like sketching them, of course.

You've probably noticed that I haven't felt much like sketching lately, but when I do it's important to have things with interesting shapes on hand or I get a little jittery.

Yes, I do realise that I'm weird. Thank you very much.

Anyway, the two photos are because the one with the flash came out clearer but the one without shows the texture better. Not that the texture is important -- it's PLAY-DOH, after all -- but since I took the time to put in a little texture I thought I should point out that the texture is there.

I'm going now. And if you do happen to follow the link to the other blog, I didn't post yesterday because I was housebound and making shells with play-doh. And I haven't posted yet today because I've got actual work to do. I'll try to find something to blather about later in the day.

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