Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Calla lily in watercolour... pencil. Sort of.

I suppose I need to explain the wishy-washy title.

The weather outside is unseasonably cold (not cool; cold), so I decided I should paint a flower. This caused two problems. First, I don't really paint. Second, there are no flowers to be seen at the moment. Well, the second problem was easily solved by the fact that I have loads of flower photos on the other blog. The first problem was sort of solved by the fact that I had some watercolour pencils with me (I'm house-sitting right now, so I don't have my usual toys along). Watercolour pencils + a horrible grade-school brush I found in the closet = ok, we're going to paint a flower if that's what you want to do, Dee.

For those wondering why I had my watercolour book with me when I didn't bring watercolours... shh. Don't complicate things.

So, the result? Not overly lame, I guess. Especially considering the brush. It's really, really bad.

Oh, and even though some of the lines look like I gave up and just started drawing with the pencils, I promise that everything is, indeed, painted with the brush. Using the pencil tips as paint pots. Which is... weird.

Welcome to my world.

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