Saturday, 31 October 2009

English Oak Seedling in pen and ink

No scanner as usual since I'm at my father's place, but the photo's enough to give the idea until I have the chance to scan the thing at work. If I remember.

Anyway, this week's Illustration Friday prompt is skinny. I went with an oak seedling (figuring seedlings are pretty skinny compared to the trees they'll become) and used my Pigma brush pen. Bit of a different thing for me since I usually go for more detail with the Micron, but it was kind of fun to be more graphic for a change.

Source material was a combination of seedlings from stock photos. We definitely don't have any English Oaks in my part of the world.


dthaase said...

well done

Dream Painter said...

very nice brush marks you have created here!

get zapped said...

beautiful simplicity. Thank you.

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