Saturday, 25 December 2010

Winter Tree in pen and ink

A five minute sketch after Christmas supper; ostensibly for the Illustration Friday prompt winter, but really more to test the new scanner I found under the tree.

Christmas tree, that is. There's no scanner hiding under the tree in the doodle. Although I probably should have added one, come to think of it. It would have been appropriate, if somewhat nonsensical.

It may seem a bit odd to receive a scanner to attach to someone else's computer (my father's in this case), but now I'll be able to post things when I'm visiting him without resorting to my point-and-shoot camera and its tiny little flash.

In other words, yay for Christmas scanners...

If not for winter. Sooo not a winter person, me. Too bad I live in it so much of the time, I guess.

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