Saturday, 22 January 2011


This week's Illustration Friday prompt is dusty. And this?

Well, apparently the little modelling clay men are of the opinion that my old bedroom/studio at my father's place has been more than a little neglected lately. They're trying to do their best to keep up with things, but even the smallest duster in the house is a bit of a challenge for these guys.

Oh, and in case anyone's interested, I don't actually play the ukulele. It was a cheap souvenir from Hawaii years ago.

I don't play the sad iron either. It's just acting as a bookend of sorts.

I do, however, know a few Christmas carols...

And if anyone was concerned that the modelling clay men shouldn't have been doing all of that heavy lifting alone, I have it on good authority that they had some supervision.

I'm not sure how qualified Max is to be on the job site, but he does his best.


On a more serious note, I'll try to get something drawn for the prompt later in the week if I have time.

And yes, I did do some dusting after I took the picture. Things were looking like a pretty bad case of this-would-horrify-your-mother in there for sure, so even I couldn't ignore it any longer. Gee... thanks for the prompt, IF.


Linda Hensley said...

Cute :)

Indigene said...

I think this is a wonderful way to demonstrate the prompt! It's original and wonderful!

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