Saturday, 9 April 2011

Bottled What? in pen and ink

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is bottled. And I... don't get bottled water.

Don't worry -- despite the naturalist stuff in my profile, this isn't going to get preachy.


I just really, honestly, don't understand why people willingly put so much money into what is essentially filtered (sometimes not so much even there) tap water. And when you start looking at how much money and design effort that companies are willing to put into making the bottles look enticingly sleek or curvy or grippy or workout-y, you realise just how much money is being pulled in from the sale of water.



For anyone out there whose tap water is honestly so bad that they need to buy bottled water, well, I'm truly sorry to hear that. For anyone else? Consider buying a refillable bottle instead of constantly buying new ones.

And for pity's sake, please PLEASE recycle if you are buying bottled water. The piles of used bottles that end up in landfills make for very depressing pictures when you realise that they didn't ever have to be there at all.


To see my other idea for the bottled prompt, please have a look at this post.


jene said...

Simple and effective illustration, and very useful to reinforce your text.
(Thank you for your visit to my blog)

Elizabeth McMahill said...

good stuff. The Image marries nicely with the words.

Linda Hensley said...

I'm with you on this topic. Besides, drinking water out of plastic bottles isn't healthy. Sometimes I get local spring water, but I put it in glass bottles.

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