Saturday, 21 April 2012

Cliff in art stix

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is heights, and this week's scribble is courtesy of my sprained wrist and current inability to do much with it but scribble.

Oh, and the fact that I didn't bother to do anything for IF last week so I thought that a scribble was at least better than a blank.

No big story behind this one, except that I added a last-minute waterfall because I was reminded of camping in the Rockies when I was a kid. As we drove to whatever campground we'd be going to in Jasper or Banff National Parks, I'd alleviate the boredom by watching for the little trickles of water that would sometimes appear down the artificial cliffs that were made when the construction crews blasted through to make the roads. Those mini-falls were almost magical in the way they'd appear out of nowhere, head down the rock face, divide or spread (depending on how jagged the rocks were), and then somehow seem to disappear before they reached the highway.

I also used to find it fascinating how little clumps of trees seemed to grow in the oddest, most inhospitable places on those cliffs. You've got to give it to nature, really. Tenacity at its best.

I'm going to stop typing now, if that's ok with everyone. My backspace key is getting waaay too much of a workout today...

1 comment:

PiaD said...

Hi from a fellow naturalist! Keep doodling, doodling is good. Maybe you'll give up resisting one day and admit you're an artist ;) Good luck with the wrist!

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