Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fun with art supplies? Or whatever.

This weird thing actually started out as thoughts about leaf structures on a magnified level.

No, really, it did.

Then my brain got into the construction paper. And glue. And acrylic paint. And a canvas board. And then... this.

Now the scary thing about this (it's called Leaf, very originally) is that it's currently on the wall of our art gallery at work. Yes, it's showing in public, and that's the reason I'm using it for this week's Illustration Friday prompt, which is shy.

I've said it before: I'm not an artist. I dabble. I doodle. And when I experiment like this, it doesn't ever get seen by the public. Except this year, for some reason. Not only did I bring in this... masterwork? for the staff show, but I also did a three-canvas painting. Yes, painting (it's on the other blog that's linked on the sidebar, but it's no great shakes so don't worry about checking it out). For anyone new to my world, I don't paint.

The staff show was hung mid last week. The thought that people were seeing these things nearly caused shyness overload.

Yep, seriously. To the point where I didn't show up for the opening.  Couldn't handle the thought of hearing an opinion about what until now has been a very private part of my life.

You artists out there are by now thinking that I'm at best neurotic and at worst slightly insane over something that's not a big deal, but for me it is a big deal. I'm a shy person to begin with; to put myself out there is never easy. To put this kind of thing out there? Well, I've used the word terrifying before, and it's pretty close to that.

Ah well. They're on the wall now. They've been seen by people. I haven't died.

I guess it's all ok.

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