Saturday, 25 October 2014

Socky in Art Stix and Koh-i-noor woodless pencil crayons

... and a bit of Verithin thrown in for good measure. Guess I'm a little crayon-happy today.

Today's Illustration Friday prompt is puppet. And this is my hand. In a sock. It's from a picture, because as hard it is to take a photo of your own left hand in a sock with a DSLR camera, it'd be even tougher to sketch your own left hand in a sock when you're left-handed...

Anyway. Do kids even make sock puppets these days? Do they know what they are? I suppose you'd need an app for it now, wouldn't you.

This is pretty sketchy, but that's on purpose. Just trying to loosen up somewhat. Fight the fussiness, Dee. You can do it.

Yes, I'm my own pep talk. Comes in handy sometimes.


Tracy Onoz said...

I like the looseness. Fun illustration!

Anonymous said...


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