Sunday, 26 June 2016

Radio in watercolour crayons and pen & ink

I get tired of my cheap scanner ignoring watercolours, so I did a phone scan for this one instead. Sorry about my shadow.

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is vintage.

This doodle is based on an actual radio that I own. It's up in my old bedroom right now, in fact. It used to belong to my grandmother, who gave it to me when I was a young woman developing an interest in antiques.

This thing is the real deal, folks. Bakelite, art deco styling, vacuum tubes... and it still works, even. It was bought, apparently, specifically to listen to a boxing match. It still blows me away that people would gather to listen to boxing on the radio. Heck, I have enough trouble listening to hockey on the radio, and that at least has more to it than two people hitting each other.

Erm... not a fan of boxing, if you couldn't tell.

I know that if I ever wanted to sell grandma's radio it wouldn't be difficult. There's a pretty big market for vacuum tubes and things like that in the custom amp builders area. It would break my heart to see a pristine survivor like this in scattered parts, though, so if I ever do decide to get rid of it I'm hoping that there's a radio enthusiast or museum out there that might find it as cool as I do.

Just as an aside, I honestly don't know what possessed me to go pen & ink on a shaky wrist day. Just think of the squiggles as artistic license, if you like. They weren't, but whatever works for you.

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