Saturday, 24 November 2007

Fast food

Blowsy blown rose
China tints of blush and pale
One seeks reward in the sun-stroked core
Yellow for yellow
Pitch rising in relief
This her only want
Rapture in fulfillment

Ecstasy misses the quiet one
Pink and white brooch
on pink and white shoulder
Arms spread in silent welcome
Waiting consummation

No jarring chord or melodrama
Slight struggle
Hardly noticed
Soon ended
This her only want
Life giving life
And the wrapper discarded


The first time I gave this to someone to read I was more than a little startled by the interpretation I got back. Startled, that is, until I realised that she had no idea what it was about.

Not surprising, really. Not everyone's the spider nerd that I am.

Now that I've said spider, would you like to go back and read it again?

Yep, it's about a spider. A crab spider, or more specifically a Goldenrod Spider. They can change their colours somewhat to better camouflage in whatever flower they're using at the time.

Pink and white brooch (spider) on pink and white shoulder (rose). Catching a bee.

And amazingly enough, this is a poem I can still go back and read without cringing. For me, that's saying something.

1 comment:

sally said...

Non-arachnologist sorry but i would never have guessed what it was about either. But it makes sense after a re-read.

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