Friday, 2 November 2007

Stargazer lily in carbon pencil

I love carbon pencils. I love the smoothness, but I also love the depth of colour that you'll never get from graphite.

I should end this post right here, you know. Otherwise I'm just going to start muttering on about texture, and... well, what the heck. One of the main reasons that I don't usually paint (besides the fact that I have the brush skills of a five year old) is that touch and texture is a huge part of the doodling experience for me. I can easily spend an hour in an art store just fondling paper.

Yep. Not kidding there. I fondle paper.

The texture of the paper, the feel of a good pencil; the whole thing's pretty visceral for me. When you combine decent paper with something like a carbon pencil I'm completely in art geek heaven.

I don't even care that the sketch is nothing to write home about.

Well, I don't care much, anyway.

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