Monday, 3 December 2007

Azalea in chalk pastels

Yeah, this one's pretty weird. It started out as an honest attempt to do some colour work (I'm much more comfortable in graphite, to be honest) and... well, then the purple background happened because I got bored.

Short attention span, yes.

The problem is that I tend to get interested in one detail (in this case, the flower), put a lot of work into that detail, and then don't feel like finishing the rest. I have so many half-finished sketches.

The whole artist-ADHD thing is also why a lot of my plants have decent flowers and leaves but the stems suck. I'm perfectly capable of drawing a properly fleshed-out (so to speak) stem, but by the time I get to that part I'm ready to do something else.

I'm such a five-year-old.

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