Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Winter Music

Gordon Lightfoot on the changer
and then maybe BTO
Me, singing absently to a book
He, whistling while he cleans
and we absorb those songs again
like lotion
on a desiccating day

when he's off at... I don't know
fingers tease notes from a reluctant keyboard
hesitant at first
and not as well as I'd like
but these days I've only me to please
so it'll do.
I stay as usual with old songs;
've always been more about Porter than Webber
on my Broadway days
Tune over glitz
thought over box office
and I'd sooner worry some old Bill
than find the Rent

That evening
when the snow finally stopped
white played blue
under full moon light.
First one after Christmas --
I've forgotten if there's luck in that.
It doesn't sing, the moon...
but I trusted its echoes
in new snow and brittle trees
and found myself

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