Saturday, 6 September 2008

Something kind of weird

Ok, honestly? I have no flipping clue what was going on here. I started out with the intention of making something for Illustration Friday since I missed last week. This week's word is clutter.

I had trouble with clutter, apparently.

Well, I know I have trouble with clutter in real life, but in this instance my own brain clutter caused me to just doodle (really doodle as opposed to sketch doodle), come up with half an idea, get tired of that, and COVER THE WHOLE THING WITH VINES???

I... dunno.

The only thing here that actually was done on purpose was the muddying of the colours when I added the wash. Yeah, I meant to do that. And... yes, the "flowers" hanging from the vines (as opposed to the pseudosunflower behind the vine) are words. A word. I decided to muddy it too.

Ah well. I guess today the five-year-old with the short attention span came out in full force so that's what we'll go with.

No scanner access today, so excuse the cropped photo. It works. For what it is.

A doodle.

And I have no idea what the spider web is doing there. Just so you know.

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