Sunday, 24 August 2008

Wild raspberry in pigment pen

A couple of years ago I started a berry bush display for work. I managed a half-dozen or so doodles (they're uploaded here, if you're curious and want to search around a bit) and then got busy with other things. Last year I didn't get back to it at all.

Behold! The return of the berry display!

Erm, more or less.

These are all meant to be scanned and added to interpretive panels (sometime in the next century, at the rate I'm going), so they're pretty much just bare line illustration with a minimum of shading. Or none, as today's effort seems to indicate.

One problem, and I'll have to see how it matches up: I did the first set with a dip pen, but I so much didn't want to fiddle with a dip pen today that I just used my nylon-tip instead. Less variety in the line, I suppose, but I hope it won't be too noticeable.

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Sparroweye said...

Very nice. My mother could sketch buds, herbs, in such detail. I envied her. She called my art work Primitive. I was insulted but now I know it just means a type of style. It's hard growing up with a professionally trained artist when you like to sketch.

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