Saturday, 2 August 2008

Dandelion head in graphite

This week's Illustration Friday topic was poof! Their exclamation point, not mine.

Well, here's my version. Will I actually submit it this time?

Um, not likely. We'll see what I feel like in a day or two.

Oh, and the random speckles aren't really part of the doodle. The paper I was using was in a car accident.

Not my accident. Someone else's.

Long story.


Ok, edit:

I submitted.

Yay me.


Ellen said...

Very nice! Detail is wonderful!!

INDIGENE said...

Great line work! Simply delicate and cool! A definite "yeah" for you!

deeol said...

Thanks for coming to look. It's my first time submitting -- what a fun group of people you are. I've been having a great time checking out everyone's work.

Katie said...

lovely sketch.
I like the details.

Bella Sinclair said...

Yay you! Aaah, this is a beautiful dandelion. Excellent job!

Meredith Myers said...

I'm so glad you posted. If I can be brave enough to post you surely can! I love the fine detail and the movement.

Anonymous said...

Good job my friend! Thanks for the heads up on this supremo site! Now I'm gonna keep bugging you to submit!

Solvere volo said...

Dandelions are my favourite! Nice drawing!

Eric Barclay said...

Yay, you! Awesome dandelion sketch. Keep 'em coming!

kslaughter said...

This is so nice. I love the simplicity of your idea and the excellent rendering. Thanks for sharing!

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