Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Something weird

I'm not entirely sure what it is. Vaguely abstract-rose-ish, maybe?

Truth be known, I was just playing around with The Scribbler. Thanks to Sparroweye for the heads-up on that one. It's sort of fascinating to watch what it will generate from a silly doodle.

And obviously, if I'm posting a scribble I haven't bothered to do any real doodling these past couple of days. I also wasn't in the mood to look up a poem.

So there you go, I guess. Better than nothing.

1 comment:

Sparroweye said...

Oh, I do find that scribbler addicting when I am bored. I try so hard to control the color and thickness so I know the outcome. But some sketch's look great, but terrible after scribbler gets done. and vice versa. Bad sketches end up looking good. Your's is very cool looking.

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