Sunday, 1 February 2009

Black Cat in Play-doh

Or, Cat in Black Play-doh.

Poor guy sat out a bit too long before I remembered to take his picture, though. You can tell by the cracks in his nose. I got too busy trying to make a neon-orange squirrel, you see, and...

Yeah, yeah, I know. Don't worry -- Play-doh's not going to be the only theme on the blog. I have drawing plans. Really. Actual sketches as opposed to doodles. I just have to get around to them, that's all. And since I'm not too comfortable sitting for long periods of time at the moment (nothing serious; just a temporarily unhappy hip), getting around to them might take a little longer than I'd first thought.

In the meantime... Play-doh cat.

Uh huh.

1 comment:

Beth Niquette said...

What an interesting artform you have! (grin) I like it!

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