Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Rather Pointless Bird in Play-doh

Yeah, I know. Enough with the Play-doh, already.

Honestly? I've been a bit down in the dumps lately.

Maybe more than a bit.

Not exactly conducive to creativity, as many of you no doubt know.

Anyway, until I feel more like doing something actually worth preserving, I guess I'll be sticking to digital photos of Play-doh. It's something, anyway.

Something pointless. And yes, I do realise that my pointlessness usually belongs here... just consider this a slight, temporary spill-over.


smudgers said...

You kno-ow.... the play doh sculptures are really quite decent. If only one could make a living out of that and never leave home.... Of course claymation will never take off (!) I guess.

deeol said...

Play-doh's a pretty frustrating medium, though. Dries out too quickly. I think I may have to move up to plasticine... :P

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