Saturday, 6 June 2009

Drawing Day

Hey, folks. It's Drawing Day today, and unlike last year's Drawing Day I managed to get my drawing uploaded on the actual Drawing Day.

Yay me.

Yay me for the uploading part, anyway. Not so yay me for the inability to properly plan my time this morning. The result? Yet another half-assed doodle that was too obviously done in about five minutes. Ah well. It's the good intentions that count, right?

The doodle, in case you hadn't recognised it (and I really wouldn't blame you if you hadn't), is of the only readily available model I had at hand, otherwise known as my African Violet. His name is Edgar.

Ok, so he doesn't really have a name. If you're going to be a model you really should have one, though.

Edgar was an odd choice for me because even though I doodle a fair number of plants I'm used to doing fairly crisp leaf renderings. Can't do that with an African Violet, though. They have fuzzy leaves. Or in the case of my version, absolutely and completely shaggy leaves.

Ah well.

Oh, sorry. I've already said the ah well part.


Happy Drawing Day, everyone.

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