Saturday, 9 January 2010

Spider and Damselfly in pen and ink

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is confined. I'm sure that this particular confinement isn't what the damselfly was looking forward to... but seen in a different way, it's a pretty important one for the spider.

I took the reference photo (photos, rather. I've combined two) for this doodle a couple of years ago at the nature centre where I work. I was out on one of the viewing decks in the Sanctuary when I noticed an orb weaver (not sure on the species, but then I'm sure most of you aren't spider nerds like I am so you probably don't mind) taking its prey out of the web. It was cool to watch.

No, really. It was.

Hey, I've already admitted that I'm a nerd.

This is, I think, the first spider I've done in pen. I've done plenty in charcoal and carbon pencil (click on the "Doodles" slide show on the sidebar if you're desperate to see a couple of them) but I can't remember ever doodling ink spiders. It's also my first real foray with the new Pitt pens I got for Christmas (last week doesn't really count as far as I'm concerned because I was just using the pen to outline). I was kind of surprised at just how different they feel from my Pigma Microns. I think I'll like them, though.


dthaase said...

really great lines!

travelingsuep said...

As dthaase said - great lines to make a great illustration

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