Saturday, 16 January 2010

Wilderness in... um...

Well, mostly graphite and carbon pencil with a bit of watercolour pencil thrown in just to be confusing. Or something.

This is a quick doodle for the Illustration Friday prompt wilderness. Quick because, frankly, it was all my head could take today. I could donate a headache to anyone who needs one. Seriously. I'd even pay shipping.

Um, anyway.

I know that some people out there might see wilderness (forests, specifically) as dark and forbidding places where something's always watching you. They can be dark, yes, and it's a pretty good bet that you're being watched by something when you're in a forest. I tend to think of it more as visiting someone else's neighbourhood rather than being in a forbidding place, though (erm... can you tell I spend a lot of my time teaching children about nature?).

And hey. If you wander around in someone else's human neighbourhood I'm pretty sure that you'll get watched there, too. Or at least noticed. It isn't necessarily a bad thing.


Earth-ling said...

I like this =]

dthaase said...

expressive yet simple lines - great drawing

Sparroweye said...

This reminds me how invisible nature can be. I love how you can be staring at a stand of hardwoods like that for maybe five minutes and suddenly notice a doe has been staring back at you. ha.

Rui Sousa said...

Fantastic work, excellent interpretation of the theme of the week!
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If you have time you can also see my idea on the theme of the week

Thank you and greetings

Rui Sousa

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