Saturday, 27 March 2010

What do daffodils do?

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is rescue. And these are not-quite-open daffodils. And how am I going to make this fit the theme?

Oh, there's a fit.

It could have been as easy as saying that those of us in northern climates finally feel rescued from winter when the spring flowers start appearing, but the fact is that they haven't actually appeared here yet.

The reason these flowers are in the house at the moment is that it's Daffodil Days for the Canadian Cancer Society. I see that it's also going on in the US, but apparently it started here first. For those unfamiliar with the whole thing (and who haven't followed the link above), the CCS uses the daffodil as a symbol of hope and sells them as a kick-off to its spring fundraiser.

I'm lucky enough to have not been too affected by cancer personally, but that doesn't mean I couldn't be. Those daffodils could represent a pretty important form of rescue in that case.

By the way, the post title comes from the jingle from a CCS ad for Daffodil Days. It... um... has an annoying way of sticking in your head so I'm not going to look for a link. I'm sure it's googleable if you're curious, though.

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. justin segal said...

nice story — I didn't know the daffodil was a symbol of hope for cancer (I'll never look at them the same again, and I'll be giving them to anyone I know fighting cancer now). Thanks for sharing!

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