Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tie job in graphite

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is paisley. And I... dislike paisley. Rather a lot, really. Not in its original Indian form -- some of that paisley work can be amazing -- but in the horribly gaudy way that it's often used in Western cultures. It's almost a gut reaction with me. Too many flashbacks to bad polyester 70s caftans or things like that, maybe.

Anyway, I decided that the best way for someone like me to do paisley would be to ransack a closet, grab a tie, and in tribute to my father (who dislikes ties almost as much as I dislike paisley), heap it in a fairly unceremonious pile. And there you have it.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.


Tammie said...

your post makes me chuckle.
though you don't care for paisley much, it does look as though you might have enjoyed this piece.

deeol said...

Thanks. Honestly? I enjoyed the shape of the tie a lot, which surprised me. I usually go for more organic things, but the loops were close enough to that to make it fun.

The paisley? Didn't change my mind about paisley. ;)

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