Saturday, 5 June 2010

Vole track in watercolour pencil

Quick watercolour sketch for Illustration Friday's prompt of trail.  This was based on a photo I took in the sanctuary where I work (ok, strictly speaking I work at the nature centre at the entrance to the sanctuary.  A lot of the actual work takes place in the sanctuary, though).  It was winter, and just the time of day when the low sun is turning the snow a weird combination of yellow highlights and blue shadows.

The vole had crossed the walking path and was headed towards its tunnel in a snow drift.  There was a bit of open space before it could get there, though, and although it did its best to hide under some of the dead grass stems along the way it was pretty lucky that there weren't any predators about at the time.  I'm assuming, anyway.  No signs of a struggle, as they say.

Not sure why I chose a winter theme when I'm sooo not a fan of winter, but there you go.

Oh, and if any of you haven't posted for Drawing Day yet, there's still time.  Assuming that you're reading this today, of course...

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