Monday, 19 July 2010

Fun Pack in pen and watercolour pencil

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is breakfast. I'm a little late this week because to be honest I'm not a huge breakfast person. I eat it because I know I should, but I can't say I wake up looking forward to it.

I'm also not a huge cereal person (with the exception of a certain fondness for Count Chocula as a child...), but then I remembered a time when I really considered cereal a treat.

When we went camping every summer my mother used to buy us those Fun Pack cereals. Remember them? You sawed open the perforations on the side to turn the tiny box into a tiny bowl? Which inevitably leaked milk at the corner, of course, but as a kid you never really cared about things like that. Anyway, here's a typical camping breakfast, complete with spoon that bends too easily (and why do I remember them? Because I'm still using the darned things on a daily basis. I inherited them when I went to college, and I've never gotten around to replacing them) and plastic tumbler of apple juice because I didn't like orange juice much.

Didn't like cereal, didn't like orange juice; yeah, I was a weird kid.

Which is probably why I'm a weird adult. It tends to work that way.

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Sally Taylor said...

I absolutely remember those boxes. They have now been replaced with plastic bowls with a foil or paper seal. Much more user friendly.

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