Monday, 21 July 2008

Daylily in watercolour pencil

This one qualifies as not too bad, I suppose, especially since I was only able to do the initial pencil sketch and basic colour layout outside (it's a bazillion degrees out today and far too sunny to be staring at white paper for long) and then faked the blending and highlights at the dining room table.

Ok, so you didn't really need to know about the dining room table.

Hey, note that I said it's a bazillion degrees out today? I did this today. This afternoon, even.

Maybe there's hope for some regular doodling yet.


Edited a couple of years later to say that this has since been exhibited. Seriously. We had a staff art show in the Gallery, and this was one of the pieces chosen. I find that very strange. Other people -- non-internet people, I mean -- actually saw some of my stuff.


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