Monday, 28 July 2008

Doodling on the bed

I got busy with some other things and didn't get a chance to do any proper sketching today (like my sketching is ever proper. It's all just doodling in the end anyway) so I figured I'd have a go at the Illustration Friday theme of the week after supper instead.

The problem?

Well, besides not really being in the mood to doodle...

This week's topic is canned.

Don't believe me? Have a look. Um, as long as you're looking on this particular week. Next week it'll be something different. That's why they call it a topic of the week, after all.

Anyway, I didn't get very far. And even with that I think it's a bit too editorial.

And... it's not very good either.

I'd only just barely started on the shading before I decided I was bored. Not at all obvious, is it?


Ah well, if nothing else it's a start. And if you were wondering (or if you're completely not picking up the tone of the typing), I won't be bothering to submit the doodle.

Next time? Um, maybe.

We'll see.

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