Monday, 2 August 2010

Fake garden in pen and ink

This week's Illustration Friday prompt is artificial, and I haven't yet managed to get around to what I wanted to do for it because I was busy with something else. The something else may or may not get posted here, depending on what happens with it. Anyway, just in case I don't finish the thing I wanted to post for the prompt here's a sketchbook page on the same idea. I'll add to this post later if I have another version.

I've had an artificial garden of houseplants from the first day I lived on my own. Literally from the first day -- I made sure I had a plant in my university dorm room, even. The plant in the doodle is from about a year later, since it was purchased for my first apartment. It's getting old for a plant in a pretty tiny pot.

Some might wonder how this all fits into artificial, but when you think about it it's pretty darned artificial to take a plant from a totally different climate, stick it in a confined space, and train it to scheduled watering and feeding.

It's a form of artificial I'd really miss if it didn't work, though. My small apartment is currently shared with five in-house plants (ten if you count the amaryllises that are outside for the summer) and a whack of things out on the balcony. I guess you could say that I need an artificial garden to feel at home.

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Jen Appel said...

I was the same way when I moved out on my own at university - my roomates and I always made sure we had plants around. Just makes it feel more like a home, somehow.

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