Tuesday, 17 August 2010

More "art"!!!

Apparently I'm not doing an Illustration Friday doodle this week. Weird, because I had an idea immediately and I have the materials sitting beside me right now. As they have been for days...

Ah well, I suppose a person can't help her moods.

In lieu of that, then, here's another page from what's increasingly becoming the world's most pointless sketchbook (it may just have to move over to my more appropriately titled other blog, come to think of it). This was cardstock that was scribbled over with felt pens, sliced into triangles with a guillotine, and then glued down in a randomish spiral. I was going to cover it with something else after that, but I decided I kind of like it this way so this way it stayed.

Which is, I guess, the point.

So it has a point after all? Ok then.

Oh, and the exclamation points in the title? No reason. No reason at all. Pointless points.

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