Monday, 9 August 2010

Maple Leaf in pen and ink

Mostly just because I've been a little lazy about sketching this past couple of weeks.

Incidentally... the maple leaf, that well-known Canadian symbol, isn't even found in a fairly large portion of Canada. Oh, they have lots of Sugar Maples in the east, of course, and granted that's where the country started, but around here the closest thing you're going to find is Manitoba Maple, whose leaves are barely recognisable as maple leaves and which is known better as Box Elder by quite a few people anyway. And which isn't even native here but has escaped from boulevard plantings.

Um, anyway. I have absolutely nothing against maple leaves -- I think they're great, really -- but I find it mildly amusing that something I've only seen twice (maybe three times) in my lifetime is what many of you would think about when I say I'm Canadian.

Source picture courtesy of Smudgers, who is my Ontario-based co-conspirator on the other blog.

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